How can I add value to a discussion on a topic on which I have no experience?
How can I accelerate my understanding of the culture in the company and around the Board table?
What is my role during a major crisis?
What do I do if – while reading through the documents – I see a proposal which raises important questions?
How can I help create a good dynamic in the Board?
How can we reap the benefits of diversity around the Board table?
What should I have in mind when assessing major strategic proposals?
What are the most important relationships to nurture?How can I add value to a discussion on a topic on which I have no experience
What does a good contribution look like

What we do

How can I add value to a discussion in my Board on a topic on which I have no experience? And what should I have in mind when assessing major strategic proposals? These are some of the questions newly appointed Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) may ask themselves. Being appointed a member of an (international) Board is an exciting opportunity. But it may also be a real challenge, if you have no or little experience on what it takes to become an effective Board member.
On Boarding will help you anticipate and address these challenges. We, Margot Scheltema and Jacqueline Tammenoms Bakker, are two experienced NEDs who previously served as Executives for many years. Our purpose is to help new NEDs accelerate their ability to add value to discussions around the Board table.

How we work

Our method focuses on personal coaching and training over the course of one year. The first meeting is an intake discussion with both of us to assess the specific context in which you will be operating and the experience you bring. After that we will schedule six one-on-one sessions, during which you will be able to reflect on your experiences at the Board table and receive detailed training and guidance regarding a specific theme of Board work. To increase your understanding, you will also have access to publicly available best practice materials. The course will be tailored to your specific needs, as well as those of the company and the Board.


“It was not only about getting answers, they teach something far more valuable: asking the right questions. Thank you for the inspiring sessions!“ "Having two conversations between appointment and my first board meeting was terrifically valuable. What you get is so much more than the theory you can glean for yourself – it’s the stories. They bring things you’ve read or heard to life.”

Why On Boarding?

Both of us became non-executive directors with major listed companies, having limited experience of the boardroom. We had to develop new skills without much guidance. We have set up On Boarding to transfer our experience in as personal and effective a way as possible.